Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Australian Country music star Beccy Cole wrote POSTER GIRL (wrong side of the world) as a response to a letter she received from a fan after she spent 2wks visiting Australian Soldiers overseas.

The fan wrote that he would be taking her poster off his wall and would not be listening to her music anymore.

Beccy was quoted as saying "That when I met the troops I become patriotic and really proud. I met young, enthusiastic Australians that just want to keep terrorism from reaching our home shores so that Australians can keep the life of peace & freedom"

She also says she did not know what her stance was until she went over there. People are quick to judge these situations without knowing fully what it's all about. Prior to that she said she would have said she was staunchly anti -war -but then again aren't we all

Please take the time to listen & have a great day

Caroline xoxoxo


Unknown said...

Love this song! Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog.
May God Bless each and every soldier as they protect and defend their soil.

Tania said...

Have been thinking of you lately Caroline. Hope you are okay and your soldier boy is safe.

This is a lovely song by Beccy.


Joolz said...


Thank you for this song. I had heard it before but had never really listened to the lyrics or the story behind it. It's beautiful.

Another soldier has been killed in Afghanistan - as a mother, let alone a mother of a soldier, I cannot imagine how you are feeling.

God Bless and keep safe all soldiers and defence force personnel serving to keep us safe!

Thinking of you,


Anonymous said...

God bless Beccy Cole. Every country need more patriotic entertainers like her.

inlove144 said...

This is a great song! I love it! Soldier boy showed it to me just before he was deployed, he is very proud of this song too. Take care and I will drop by your blog more often now *big hugs* K xxx

Jan said...

I have heard this song quite a few times, and admire Beccy Cole.
Yes it has been a terrible week, thinking of you and your family.

DeniseinVA said...

This is a beautiful song Caroline. Thank you for sharing it, a very important message to us all no matter what part of the world we live in.

christian soldier said...

just met you via Air Mom--and- I 'swiped' this post-linked to you though..:-)
my nephew is headed for his third tour...will miss him as will the rest of his family..

you would enjoy viewing this video noticed horses on your site...

To our BEST-


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