Thursday, May 21, 2009


We live in the major catchment area for Somerset Dam.
One of the dams that supplies South -East Queensland with water.
Somerset & Wivenhoe Dams were built to stop Brisbane's major flooding & of course for water
storage/usage. Brisbane of course can still flood but from local water run off.

The water from Somerset is let down into Wivenhoe, that then supplies

Brisbane with it's water.

"Stanley River"

Stanley River flows into Somerset.

Wouldn't you hate to be "Ted" at the moment,

with all his livelihood under water

This is "Teds house usually surrounded by a sea of green turf,

now surrounded by a sea of water.

You can read more about the Stanley River & Somerset Dam here


Joolz said...

Hope you're keeping your tootsies dry!


Hill upon Hill said...

I do hope things settle down soon and that Ted does OK through all of this.

I love creamy rice!!

I love that you have duvet days!!

Oh, you pull the heart strings when I read about your son.....

I don't display a follower button although I have the huge number of .....8!

Hope the guinea pigs know how fortunate they are.

Caroline said...

Joolz - Never fear tooties are warm dry & wrapped up in fluffy bedsocks LOL
Hill upon Hill- No guinea pigs only think of eating and breeding.
Thank you I do so like your blog & the fact your a creamy rice fan!!

Mari said...

wow.... that's a lot of water. Glad you're on dry ground.

Re guinea pigs - I was always very grateful for the relatively long gestation of g.pigs!

Living said...

Poor Ted.


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