Thursday, March 12, 2009


BEACHCOMBER (noun) - Person who searches shore debris for anything of worth. (And may I add natural beauty)

Barnacle encrusted coconut from some faraway tropical Isle.

The biggest jelly fish I have ever seen

An itty bitty fishy with a kinda funny antenna that didn't save him
from being stranded

Nasty but oh so fascinating Blue bottle.
Brings back painful childhood
memoirs of being enveloped in their nasty tentacles

And just as the sun rises over the ocean I stumble upon the most precious find
2 little sea urchins.
Think I'll take this pair home and LOve'em to bits!!



Lisha said...

I wouldn't want to come across that bluebottle clump in the water. Interesting finds at the beach, which beach did you go to?

I really like the last photo though, sleepy eyed snugglers in the sunrise.

Caroline said...

Hi Lisha This was at Double Island Point

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Wow! You actually discovered all htese things on one beach! AMAZING!
My kids would be thrilled with those "treasures"!
Great photos especially the last piccie...Care for them well.

Tealady said...

Dear Caroline,

I enjoyed these photos because we live in a land-locked area in the States and rarely get to an ocean. Amazing what there is to be found there. Your last photo is so sweet.

All the best, Lana @ Showers of Blessings

Judi said...

I found your blog from Ruthie's and its nice to visit you in Australia.
Aren't those interesting critters you found...that little fish with the antenna thingy is different too.
I especially love the little sea urchins..*s*...they are so cute.
thank you for sharing.
I'd love to share some snow with you..I saw your comment at Ruthie's blog.
I hope one day you do try it out..its quite neat actually...especially if you are just visiting..*s*..
have a lovely evening and come by and visit when you have some time..

Linda said...

What a lovely pozy they have there!

flmom said...

These pictures are great and made me laugh out loud! My family knows the minute we hit the beach that I'll be off looking for treasures and they'll eventually see me again in an hour or so. :o) The last pic (the "sea urchins") is adorable!!!

ChaChaneen said...

We're looking forward to hosting Oopsey! Have a great day!

Cassie said...

When I was younger I used to SCUBA dive and one of my dream dives was the Great Barrier Reef. Australia has the most wonderful undersea life! Also the most deadly. Never did make that dive. Your kids are living the coolest life by the sea! Caroline, were you born in Australia?


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