Friday, May 22, 2009


This is a poem my daughter wrote and as I am having a blogging mind is waterlogged after the last couple of days. LOL) she wanted to post her poem.

I hope you all like it and will leave her a comment.....Thank you!!

This poem I wrote, and hopefully it will give people the inspiration to live life to the fullest.


"Something to read everyday
Something to make you smile
Something to say when you’re sad
Or just every once in a while

Maybe it’s to lift your spirits
Or maybe it’s for when you cry
You’ll always remember these lyrics
This poem you’ll remember til you die

In this life you’ll have many moments
Times you’ll never forget
Places you’ll see and go
And sometimes you’ll have regrets.

They’ll be things you want to change
Things you’ll want to take back
But that’s how your life was suppose to be
And that’s a matter of fact

One day you’ll remember the things you’ve done
And the adventures that you’ve had
Always remember the good times
Smile and don’t get mad."

By Emerald


Kim said...


Lisha said...

No truer words were said. Fantastic Emerald, wise words. Thanks for sharing.

ChaChaneen said...

Very GOOD Emerald, you are to be proud of yourself for this lovely poem! And thanks to Mommy for sharing it with us!

Joolz said...

Hi Emerald

Your poem is lovely and makes you want to think.

Did you write it for an English assignment at school or just at home because of the mood you were in at the time? Very well done.

Cheers - Joolz

Lucy said...

Beautiful and all very true. Well done Emerald. Thank you for sharing.

Caroline said...

Thankyou for commenting. I didn't write it for school I wrote it just because...I like to write poems in my spare time =)

Ruthie said...

That is a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep writing - you have a great talent for it.

Smiles. Ruthie


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