Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi everybody after missing last week I am back again this week with the "word"

Wednesday's Word is "Psaltery"

Please, Please come and play with us this week.

Everybody is most welcome.

For those of you that haven't played before please leave your funniest made up meaning of this word so we can rewrite our dictionary!!

I will publish some of the funny meanings tonight along with the correct meaning!!

Thank you for your enthusiasm for playing little cabbage.



Gill - That British Woman said...

goodness me, that's salty????

I can't even pronouce it!!!

Gill in Canada

Teena said...

Oh this ones easy.....Its actually a miss print or a "type-o"... much salt! Unless they really mean they put the salt and pepper together cause its easier than shaking or grinding 2 thingies!


Teena said...

Oh Oh Oh my bad that wasn't it.

Psaltery....nah my silly it's the salt factory! Yeah thats it! The salt factory.

angel said...

This word "Psaltery" is a little know *EngScotIri* word, used in conjunction with the word "And".
One would, for example, say "And Psaltery and Vinigar is what i have on me chips" see the subtle use of the words "Psaltery" and "And" in the same sentence!

Lol, what a great game.... lol.
Nice blog BTW. X x X

MelMel said...

I have no idea....your wonderful at thinking these words up!xx

Lisha said...

I hope I'm not too late, busy day.

Hmmm! Psaltery....Olde English term for assault, kind of like "idolatry" in the bible is "adultery".

Psaltery - Assault

Lisha said...

P.S. I love the pictures of the gorgeous foal, is it one of yours cow girl? How lucky you are if it is your little skewbald foal.

Lajoni said...

PSALTRY infact means 'lone' ie. She looked a psaltry figure in the moonlight or I cannot think of one psaltry excuse...see easy peasy lemon squeezy ;-)


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