Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And today's word is-


If you have never played Wednesday's Word it's dead easy.

You see the object is- myself & a few other loyal followers and hopefully you too!!

are rewriting the English dictionary.

Please leave your explanation of the word "triumvirate" in my comments section.

The more hilarious the meaning the better.

I shall post the comments/meanings tonight.

Thanks for playing



Lisha said...

A successful immunization/injection for viruses.

Mari said...

au contraire Lisha.... This word is the name of an unbeatable virus, one that has successfully and triumphantly chased you to bed. Triumvirate. It's so obvious :)

Teena said...

Umm ok now that u dragged me here kicking and screaming .... lol....ok the meaning is simply a natural alternative to viagra! Trium means triumphant in gaining the err hum and virate well needs no explanation. Did i do good?

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Caroline. I was by earlier, it is very hot here.

I could only think of things rudish, so I didn't continue any thoughts lol.

I am feeling reasonable can't wait for the day to cool down again. Keeping busy keeping the girls amused and thinking about your lovely family picture.

I can see the family resemblances.

Teena said...

aww heck the suspense is killing me!


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