Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Maybe I shouldn't tell you all the correct meaning because the ones you make are so much funnier. Every time I do this, reading your comments gets me into fits of laughter.


Meaning - A Cave Dweller.

WARNING - Some husbands may closely resemble this.

No not you MelMel, you must not call your husband that not after the way he spoils you.

I especially liked Lea of Farmhouse Blessings answer - Someone we dated when younger and wished we hadn't. (I can relate to that one, Maybe I was the Troglodyte Queen LOL!!)

How about Lisha from Earth Walker Family she always plays along with this and is an excellent dictionary writer.

Today she consulted her boys on this & they think "Something to do with Pokemons"

Not just any Pokemon but a golden coloured one with sparkle powers!! Well duh what else!!

Thinking along the same lines we thought something to do with the evil wizard out of the smurfs.

THANKS to everybody that played along today be back with more dictionary re-writing next week for Wednesday's Word.

Have a lovely evening/day wherever you are


1 comment:

MelMel said...

LOL....thats made my funny!
Love the wed word,,,such a good idea!xxxxx


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