Monday, January 12, 2009


If my Mother had of been in this photo it would have been 4 generations.

On the weekend we visited Granny. (My Granny, My Children's Great Granny)

I tell the kids how lucky they are to have a Great Granny so many people never get to meet their Great Grandparents. I never did!!

Casey got in trouble for not wearing his Army uniform for her, we tried to explain that it's like any other uniform, you only wear it while working.(She didn't buy it, we're still in trouble)
The Army is so important to her because of the era she grew up in.

I remember Granny swimming laps of her pool, mowing the lawn like a whirlwind or working on the property that they owned, up the top of fruit trees picking fruit from some precarious placed ladder.
Granny brought me up I have the softest spot for my Gran.

When she heard we were coming to visit she wanted us to take her to McDonalds she said she hadn't been there for a few years!!LOL

Gran still lives in her own home but does not cook or clean for herself anymore, she tells me she is not getting put away where the old people go!!

More often now she tells me things that I know are incorrect she just told me that she bought a particular house for 250 pounds. I know that she bought this house in 1981, we had been using $$ for nearly 20yrs by then.

This never seems to upset me when I hear other "oldies" slip up however I am really upset when I hear Gran do it although I try not to be. I have to try very hard not to correct her as then she either gets upset or thinks I am telling stories!!

Sometimes though she still remembers occasions I have since forgotten.

Isn't the mind a mysterious thing.



Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Oh Caroline...this is such a wonderful post. What a blessing for you to have such an amazing Granny. I love that she wanted to go to McDonald's and hadn't been there for years (probably why she's so healthy ;)...and that she refuses to be put where all the old folks go. I'm with her...people can get into a negative mind-set at such places...and it sounds as if her mind is in a very good place now...even if old memories are stronger than newer ones. Thank you so much for sharing your visit. It was beautiful to read and I loved the photos. Your family is lovely.
God Bless.

Joolz said...

Your kids are very lucky to have a great grandy - my two girls were born after my father passed away and I just know how much he would have loved them and they him. So sad that they never met in this life.
Enjoy this lovely lady while you can.


Farmhouse Blessings said...

How precious to spend time with your gran! Oh how I wish that I could still hear my grandmother tell her stories.


Unknown said...

Lovely Pics..Thanks for sharing...yes Grannies are very Special and I'm Glad that you are close to yours too...


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