Thursday, January 29, 2009


And the meaning is-


An ancient instrument that is played by plucking strings.

Angel said- Psaltery & Vinegar is what you have on your chips.

Gill thinks it's just plain salty along with Cabbage who thinks it may be the salt factory.

Lisha said another word for assualt. (Good one Lisha)

I was thinking along the lines of the salt thing to, then rethinking I thought Maybe the weather might just be a bit "psaltery" (Sultry) as it is at the moment!!

Thank you for playing see you all again next week - same day same place.


1 comment:

angel said...

Thanks Caroline that was fun. :-)

I shall be back, i may even nick the idea myself, *joking* cos as you know i don't steal..... :-)

Have a great week.

Love and hugs X x X


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