Monday, January 5, 2009


Wow I love little surprises in the mail !!
and what is it.....

This Goats Milk soap is simply davine
it was wrapped in clear wrap but I couldn't resist opening it.
The smell is of real Lavender not that awful fake smelling stuff.

I have put it in my drawer & probably will not use it for quite a while.
Although I am dying to!!!!

This little lovely was sent to me by the wonderful Lisha
from Earth Walker Family.
I did get it in time for Christmas but with everthing going on haven't been blogging much.

So next time you are out visiting please stop by and check out The Earth Walker Family it is such a loving family blog & if you know me families are everything.


Lisha said...

You're welcome, I so love the smell of the fresh lavender, enjoy! You deserve it. Hey I' m looking forward to Wednesdays word if you're still doing it, my brain's gone a bit limp over Christmas (so's my belly).

Caroline said...

Ha Ha!! So is my belly so much so that even the wii fit keeps telling me.

Keep a look out for Wednesday's word?? your answers crack me up.


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