Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Pronounced -Try-umm-vir-rit.

meaning a group of three people in joint control.

But now I know the correct meaning it just sounds like trouble to me. I mean c'mon how can you possibly have THREE people in joint control. How many bosses are in your family(Mum's Rule)
So my meaning must be Trouble!!

Lisha says the meaning is - Some kind of immunisation

Mari says the meaning is an unbeatable virus that has chased you off to bed!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today Mari I hope you enjoyed playing Wednesday's Word and come again to play next week!! Had a quick sneak over to your blog shall return again soon.

And lets not forget the little cabbage that seems to think it is a new Pharmaceutical name for Viagra. Now that really cracked me up. I hope no prescriptions are written out for this one you wouldn't know if you were going to receive a immunisation or a Viagra pill. Could be a worry. Failing that you would come down with a terrible virus.

Thanks once again for playing see you same time same place next week for Wednesday's Word.



Gill - That British Woman said...

I missed the word for the day, I need to pop by on a Tuesday, as you are ahead of us.

Gill in Canada

The Vintage Rose said...

I must remember to pop in next wed. The words have been fun and informative.


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