Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well looking at the first picture your probably baffled on why this post is titled "Flowers"

Easy let me explain.
Today I was cleaning & re-arranging things "as you do" and thought I would put some of my utensils next to the stove. Wooden in one, Stainless Steel in the other.
So I grabbed these two pottery vases that I got from Spain. I've had them for years & have always filled them full of blooms. They do the job perfectly & are just the right size for my needs.

So now I will be using this clear glass vase that I have had in the cupboard and never used.
The only thing that worries me is, Sometimes I am not the best at changing the water.
Aggh yuk. You know what I mean it ends up looking like compost soup. At least the pottery vases hid my domestic weakness!!

Anyway suppose I'll have to wait for someone to give me flowers to try my new/old glass vase out.
Hint Hint.
I think Valentines Day is soon maybe I will have a secret admirer??


Unknown said...

Just a little Hint with the water in your vase...ADD a couple of drops of Domestos it will keep the water clean for weeks...

Caroline said...

Thanks Maree I will sure be doing this in the future. The things I have learnt in blogland.....

The Vintage Rose said...

Your two new bouquets will always bloom with practical beauty. May more flowers come your way in the garden of life!

Lisha said...

I have my utensils in a Spanish jug too, right next to the stove, although mines white with green and blue flowers it's getting jam packed and I think am in need of another jug for the overflow. I hope some flowers come to brighten your day too!

Caroline said...

Thank you Vintage Rose.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I like glass vases for that reason, it reminds me to change to water. Fresh flowers in the house is always a joy to me.

Gill in Canada


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