Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wildlife in the Qld Floods

In the last couple of days we have seen a lot of different wildlife doing a lot of different things. They surely do have good survival mechanisms, in fact just by observing we could probably learn a lot from them.

BUT, I wouldn't like to take any tips from this baby bird.
He flew into our front sliding door and must have given himself a throbbing headache,
along with a 3hr stretch of the dizzies.

Lane picked him gently up and put him on the bush seat on the front veranda. At least it was under cover and he was also able to dry off a bit & groom himself. It took the little bird about 3hrs to pull himself together before flying off. Hope he's okay.

If you have any concerns with wildlife caught up in floods Ph-07 3221 0194 or go here for more information.



Unknown said...

Hi Caroline Are you guys dry? Let me know if there is anything we can do for you and let's meet for tht coffee soon ok?


Kristin said...

Oh the poor little birdie! Glad it was ok in the end...thanks for stopping by Living Graciously yesterday! It was so lovely to meet you, and I can tell by the title of your blog, that you must be a Kindred Spirit :-). Hope your day is a lovely one...

Jackie said...

Oh the dear little thing hope he survived. Good on Lane, Lucy would do the same thing, Tess would just scream at the rest of us to do something about it. I heard today that the RSPCA in Fairfield are going to need lots of foster carers after the floods, wonder if they would consider the Sunshine Coast or would it be too far for them. Stay dry, we have only had one little shower tonight and when I went shopping in Nambour the sun actually came out, oh boy it was so hot and humid. Hopefully we shall see some summer weather soon.

Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Well what a coincidence - I was comeing by to see if you knew where Daisymum lived and the first comment is from her. Good to know she is well - let us know how all is when you get to catch up with her.
Wildlife suffers in all our disasters - good to know someone cares - it's still unknown how much perished here in the black Saturday fires 2 years ago.
Take care

Donna said...

Ahhhh....I've done that as well! Knock themselves for a loop!

christian soldier said...

thank you for posting the photos at this and your other posts-we in the US are concerned about you-our Aussie friends-


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