Thursday, January 15, 2009


What a lovely way

to spend a hot summers day.

out on the water.......

I was reading the statistics of my blog who reads what etc etc.

I was not surprised to see that my favourite post among Aussies was my post on Water skiing. Us Aussies simply love our water & water sports. Just look at our Olympic swim team. (gloating is not nice is it!! being proud is!!)

What surprised me though was that my favourite post in the good old U.S.A was a very simple post I did on my cat labeled "MARMALADE CATS"

Are ginger cats very popular in the states??

Can someone please let me know on this one, it is baffling me.



Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
I love being near the water - river, sea or even a lake - it gives a lift to the spirits.
I believe its something to do with the energy water gives off. Very refrshing:)
Take care

Lee said...

Hi Caroline,

The water skiing looks like great fun. I've never tried it, but I *LOVE* swimming! I think all Aussies do, pretty much...

Unknown said...

I used to water ski a million years ago. One day you will ahve to take me with you and have a laugh seeing if I can still stay upright!!


flmom said...

Looks like a refreshing way to spend a day! I used to see lots of water skiiers out on the lagoon/river here years ago, but no longer. I don't know why the reason for the sudden decline.


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