Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So we now have water under our double story house, it is more from run off then the actual flood water level rising. We bought wisely for that reason as I have always been concerned about houses in low lying areas(we live on a hill) BUT on the top side(pardon the pun) the roof has started to leak-must have a cracked or moved tile. We have been up into the roof cavity & placed a bucket under the drip. I have been told that the SES is tarping roofs, but I really think they have more important things to do at this time. We will continue to empty the bucket!!
It has however damaged the ceiling as the first we noticed it was when the ceiling colour appeared wet. It has very quickly developed into a nice shade of black mould. I must heartily congratulate our hot, humid & wet climate for that little gesture.

My Granny has been evacuated from her home late this arvo. Atm. it is more a precaution than anything else as they don't know what the night will bring she is 87 and still lives by herself so better to play on the side of caution. In the 1974 floods she had water through the downstairs areas of her home. Granny's house is only about 200 metres from the Brisbane River.
However we can't get over her way from our side of town & she can't get to us from her side either.

I talked to Soldier Boy a little while ago he is still yet to be called in, but knows many others that already have been.

I am still very concerned about the welfare of Mandy & her family after the devastation that unfolded in Toowoomba yesterday, please continue to pray for their safety.

Caroline xoxo


Jackie said...

Caroline, how's it going hope the roof's not getting any worse. The amount of rain that we have had is insane it just doesnt seem that it's ever going to stop. We are on a hill too and the only problem is mould, small price to pay considering everything else that's going on. Ive been wondering about Mandy and her family too. Hope they are safe.

Kimmie said...

It is so hard on the elderly. Heartpoet's mum has returned to live in England and is in her mid eighties. She resided here in the 74 floods (Windsor) and they lost the lot. Eveything literally went floating down the street. She called tonight from the UK sobbing and terribly worried for us. The headline news coverage in the UK bought back many bad memories for her.

Anonymous said...

We've been watching the news about your countries rain disaster. I pray that you and your family stay safe during this difficult time.


Joolz said...

Oh Caroline, its getting very scary. Just saw the devastation at Grantham - like a holocaust! Praying Mandy and family are safe. I just wish she or one of her kids would face book a message.


Lisha said...

I spent yesterday phoning all of my relatives dotted around Brisbane checking that they are all ok, so far so good. My mum has the same roof problem and the mould too! Let's just hope that is the extent of all you have to deal with. Thinking of you all and feeling a little helpless here in Sydney while my family, friends and blogging friends try to avoid the tragedies that are unfolding.

Keep safe and dry Caroline.


carole johnston said...

Hi Caroline, I have just popped over from kimmies blog to say that we are thinking of you down here in NSW and that we would love to help any way we can, at this point it is just finacially that everyone can help but we do feel for you very deeply.Prayers and thoughts with you and your family xoxoxox

Kylie said...

Caroline - stay safe and dry - things are only going to et worse. My husband has been called into wrk and isorganising a force to deploy and help. It is just all so sad.

Amanda said...

how scary. hope your family is able to stay safe


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