Friday, January 7, 2011

Everyday Turkish Cooking

One of my bestest friends Simcha has just started a blog on Turkish cooking she is an Australian(now living in Turkey) that comes from the same small town as me.

Now if you loving eating Turkish food as much as me, get over to here and check her blog out for some of the authentic stuff.
Simcha is hoping to move back to Australia with her family soon & maybe open a little Turkish restaurant. I know already it would be a raging success, she was a fantastic cook(and friend) before she left. (maybe she will give me a job or at least share her cooking skills!!)

Simcha, remember our little escapades,when once we would put the kids safely in school for the day we would be off on an hours drive to West end for a little fix of Greek or Turk food or maybe a little fix at the hare krishna rooms, a stock up at the deli & then a frantic drive home -hoping all the time there would be no accidents on the highway to JUST meet the school bus in time!!

Hope we can have more fun times like that in the future, love to you & your family
Caroline xoxox


Simcha said...

Those were the days, ı am smiling at the thought of them. Thanks for the free plug. I will be posting recipes soon. If anyone wants the authentic recipe for any of thier favorite dishes let me know I will post them.

Jan said...

Thanks for calling in, yes indeed we have such a lot to be thankful for, particularly as we are not in the flood areas.
I am not familiar with Turkish cooking, so look forward to learning about it, lovely to read your reminisces about your friend.
Hugs and Blessings,


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