Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The BEST blog post I've ever read!!

Mandy & all her family from The Old Diary are safe.



Cathy said...

I saw that just a little while as well - made me feel quite teary :))
Considering where they live they are very lucky
Is all fine with you and the family?
Take care

Tania said...

Thank you God, you kept them safe.

Best feeling ever...


Joolz said...

Thank God! I have been stalking Mandy's facebook family and friends to get some hints. Such good news.


Jackie said...

I had also been stalking her family's facebook pages to see if someone had said something. It was so ironic my friend was telling me that a friend of hers that lives in the toowoomba area was missing and I was telling her that we hadnt heard from Mandy. Mandy's link to her blog on my blog was directly opposite a photo of the lady that was missing (I had met her at my friends 50th). I decided to check Mandys blog and read the update at the same time my friend got a text saying her friend was safe, relief all round.


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