Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toowoomba Flood an inland Tsunami

Yesterday Toowoomba was hit by a flash flood that some have likened to an inland tsunami, an 8 metre wall of water hit the main CBD with little warning resulting in loss of life & tremendous damage. Whole houses were reportable washed away.

Please go here to read a more official report.

Thank you for all your emails of concern for me & my family from my interstate & international blog buddies. We are all okay.

However this morning I am very concerned for one of my other blog buddies Mandy from the Old Dairy as after the wall of water hit Toowoomba it continued down the range & into her area again causing loss of life & damage. I have been thinking about Mandy & her family since I heard yesterday & hope she is okay. Please let me know if any one hears anything??

Caroline xxoxo

And if it's something you do-Please Pray


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Nice to see you dropping in and fro your comments also its good to hear today you are well and out of harms way.
You know it doesn't matter which state we are living in these floods are becoming a mystery to us all - yesterdays shinanagans in Toowoomba have us all beat and not knowing where it will all end is a problem. I also wonder about bloggers from Qld (and now northern NSW) that we haven't heard from. Lets hope they are all fine and just minus power
Take care

Joolz said...

I have been sitting her in shock watching the images of Toowoomba and the widening floods on TV! So glad you are okay, Caroline. I'm still not sure about Mandy either. There hasn't been anything on facebook today so far from her but I guess power is cut. There was mention about the Flagstone creek on the TV this morning and she has pics of that on her blog. Hoping and praying they are all okay there.

With a heavy heart,


Caroline said...

Yes, I have heard from others that the power in her area has been cut. Just hoping she did not have to go to work yesterday & got stuck in Toowoomba with her kids at home.

Kimmie said...

We are nth brissy - wet. stressed but hanging in there!

Caroline said...

Thanks Kimmie for keeping in touch. hang in there if we can all keep in touch it will help.

Deb said...

Toowoomba was hit so hard and is unbelievable the devastation caused. I too am hoping Mandy is ok.
I just wish this rain would end!

Jackie said...

Ive been thinking of Mandy and her family since yesterday. Im hoping everything is okay for her.


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