Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain Totals & Water Rates!!

92mls,368pts from 4pm yesterday to 9am this morning.
Total rain from 9am Saturday morning to 9am this morning(48hrs)
352mls or14.08inches

but I bet Unity water won't make our water rates any cheaper!!

Caroline xoxo


Our Red House said...

That is an amazing amount of rain. I can't imagine getting so much. Adelaide rainfall is about 500ml per annum, and usually we get less than that. I hope that the flood don't get any worse for you.


Donna said...

The rain totals are Awful!!!!
Stay Safe!
AND! I had trouble getting to your post!! That dang HEADER PHOTO...Hahahaa.....geeeez Girl, it looks WONDERFULLY Delicious!


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