Saturday, February 21, 2009


Don't know if the horse was for sale

or he is advertising himself for sale along with the block of land.


Maybe he is the new public relations officer for this real estate.

What ever he is he's doing a crackin job of it!!

Took this photo while we were out Sunday driving, when I saw it I just had to turn around and go back. You couldn't have staged it this well if you had wanted to!!

Oh and I guess someones getting free advertising via my blog now. Geez hope they sell it. Just a pity I can't remember where it was though???


Shelley said...

I'll take that cute horse! LOL!

Lucy said...

I think you should get commision if or when this property sells. Fantastic picture.

Lucy said...

Caroline. Back again, I have copied your reciepe for ipossable pie. Love those quick and easy meals.

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

Hi Caroline,

I'm glad to have you enter my giveaway!! All international bloggers are welcome!

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

I spent a Saturday afternoon catching up on office work and went through your entire Playlist - I love all your songs - they could all be mine. It made the afternoon fly by and i got all my work done. I am off the Adelaide tomorrow to take Kirby18 to her new life at Uni SA.

Cheers - Joolz

The Vintage Rose said...

I really liked this post and I laughed when you said 'pity you don't remember where it was.

Anonymous said...

it wasnt sunday driving mum you were taking me to bullriding at tim kelly's


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