Friday, February 6, 2009


daisymum did a post on her blog this morning asking people to post

a photo of how they feel!!

Well here is mine can anyone guess what it 'means' my feelings are??

Scroll a little further & you may find out.

Guessed it yet??

It means I feel like I have "Foot in Mouth Disease"

You know!! When you feel like you've put your foot in it and said the wrong thing.

Could be worse!!

I could have posted a photo of a pile of horse manure. Now I wonder what that would mean??

Tsk.Tsk. daisymum told us we must be good.
She also said the criteria of the photo is that it must be a natural photo I think I have done okay
& "well" horse manure is kinda natural hey!!

Have a good weekend



Linda said...

I feel I have foot in mouth disease too. I am not up with all the news, and people seem to be suffering so much.

Tania said...

Excellent post Caroline, I suffer this disease quite often.


Linda said...

I'd love to see your impossible pie!

Catherine said...

I thought this would mean you felt a little "horse"!! Sore throat maybe! But I can identify with foot in mouth also!
I found your blog via Remote Treechanger (Linda) and like what I see, I am a relatively new blogger so I welcome new followers, and please visit and comment on my blog if you wish. I will follow your blog as well, it is a lot of fun. I live in Ireland.

Tilly said...

I have this problem quite often. A work colleague asked me how I could eat salad in the winter. I replied that I didn't have that 'it's winter so I must lay down a layer of fat' mentality, to which he replied 'are you saying I'm fat?' Oops!

flmom said...

I'm seeing bits and pieces on the news here about the horrible brush fires in Australia. I have no idea where you are in relation to these. Keeping everyone there in my thoughts and prayers. We know all too well what this situation is like (we've had a few close calls over the years, but the events of last May still haunt me and the landscape around us still bears the scars).

Caroline said...

Oops Tilly That was not good!!


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