Monday, February 16, 2009



And that wasn't the cost of the Dolmades

It was how much it cost me to get Emerald to eat one!!

I guess she thought she really needed the money

Ahh!! all gone. Money please Mum.
Funny thing is she used to love them when she was little.
Go figure??


Linda said...

I love them. I even like the ones in a tin, and tried making them many years ago.

It is funny that she used to like them and now doesn't. Must look too slimey.

Apparently there are some Japanese balls like sushi, my son wants to make some.

Caroline said...

I Love them too linda.
These were the tin ones so they do tend to look a bit "slimey" but it is only olive oil.
The best ones I get & have ever had are the ones I buy from a little Turkish Deli in the city.

Donna said...

What ARE they? Never heard of these!Hahaa...Not too sure I Want to!!Hahaa...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Lucy said...

Hi Caroline, I discovered your link from Donna's blog and noticed that you were a fellow Auzzie. I live in Brisbane and would love to revisit you 'here' if I may. I especially loved your map of Australia and the comparison to the European countries. Puts it all in prospective. I don't believe that I have eaten Dolmades but I have heard that they are quite tasty.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Hi Caroline.
How delicious!!
These are sooo much better for you than our little memory cookies!! I absolutely agree with you about a moment on the lips (I'm fighting it all the time). That being said...Rosie (my daughter) beggggged me to make her favorite cookies. Even still, I behaved myself quite nicely (this time) and packed most of them in boxes and mailed the extras out to friends as a little gift of appreciation!


P.S. Wish we had grape vines...


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