Monday, February 2, 2009


Introducing the lovely & one and only "Oopsy" bear. Oh and the blue bear is the awfully grumpy, "Grumpy" bear.

My darling son Lane won me both these bears way back before Christmas. In one of my rare weak, trying to earn brownie points with son who was sick of girl shopping moment. I let him play one of those crazy games that eat your money real fast. You know the ones you put $2 in and before you know it a neon light is shouting at you "GAME OVER"

Well let me tell you they didn't have an inkling of what they were up against letting Lane in charge of that crazy claw. He not only won once but did it again and won all in the same game.

Now folks by then I was feeling real proud & cocky. Why of course Lane's siblings can have a turn. Quick run and get more gold coins we have this blasted claw beat.
Say's Mum thinking she is now Wonder Woman with Superhero kids.

Alas we didn't win anymore but to cut a long story short. Ever since the bears have arrived home they have been wanting to go on a holiday. You see they soon discovered the world was bigger than their perspex box. So here is where I need to enlist the help of my blogging buddies.

If you would like Oopsy to visit you (Grumpy is staying home) so she can see the world (yes international bloggers please apply) Oh and all the lurkers I know your out there. Please leave me a comment & if you get the draw Oopsy will be at your home before you know it. Then you must of course be a good host and show Oopsy around your place/town or maybe just your kitchen she loves to cook, taking lots of photos of course. Post these on your blog and then you & Oopsy bear get to chose from your commenter's who she will holiday with next. The only rules are that you must send her on (NO kidnapping) and show her holiday pictures on your blog with a link to me. Easy Peasy

Hopefully she will get to see & great many countries & places before returning to tell me stories of far away places.



Unknown said...

How cool is that I'm in


Teena said...

What a cool idea. My boys prep teacher did this with a rag doll, kids thought it was great, they did a page in a scrapbook of the dolls visit. The doll has been through 4 kindy years now and the book is chocko-block.

As much as i want to say "I'm in", I can't, too risky.

Teena said...

O...O....O.... its Tuesday! One more sleep till Wednesdays word!


Gill - That British Woman said...

what a neat idea, I wonder if Oopsy would love a vacation in the cold north?

Gill in Canada

MelMel said...

This ounds like fun! Ok count me in!xxx

Elaine said...

Just drop by from Shabby Angels blog, what a lovely idea.

Love and blessings

angel said...

Oh ok then, tsk, i will babysit Oopsy for you if you want. I have still got a dog basket free that may surfice as a bed for her.... go on then send her over, did i tell you we have snow, she could build her own snowOopsy.*smile*

Love and hugs X x X x X

Teena said...

Hey!!!!!! ITS WEDNESDAY!!!!! Wheres the word? Aww gawsh i been so excited for the word!!


Anonymous said...

Well now, I have a blog- under-construction and this could get me to actually start writing on it.I have lots of little friends for Oopsy to play with- in fact, if Oopsy were to come here, and things went well...who knows, maybe we could have a wedding on our trampoline, after all.

The Vintage Rose said...

How exciting! May oopsy get to travel to each state in Australia and all around the world and be home in time for Christmas.

flmom said...

Count us in for an Oopsy visit as well!

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

We'd love to show oopsy around our part of SA. Put me in the draw,

Cheers - Joolz

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a great idea!!
I had something similar in mind.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

That's a fun idea. I found Oopsy visiting Canada and decided to see where he came from.

We once hosted a paper version of a grandson who lives in California. I was teaching then and he spent the day in my 6th grade classroom. I'm sure Oopsy would be an equally polite guest and I'd be happy to show him around some of Utah.

Decadent Housewife said...

Came by to see how things are doing on the homefront while Oopsey is away. How is Grumpy doing without Oopsey?

Oopsey is getting all tuckered out by That British Woman up in Toronto. I'm hoping I can help Oopsey recover with some R&R down here in the south of Canada. :)


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