Friday, February 13, 2009


(Click on picture for enlarged view)

Devastating Bush Fires in Victoria.

Torrential Flooding in Queensland.

Australia sure is a big country.

I have had a few people email me this week from other countries. They are very concerned about our welfare because of the fires, apparently it has been in the international media alot.

However it is very hard for them to comprehend that fortunately, I am thousands of kilometres away and that Australia is quite a big place compared to the countries where many of my readers live.

I hope the above picture is helpful to you & explains things a little.
(Click on picture for easy viewing) It is quite amazing how Europe fits into our country isn't it??


Tania said...

That is a great picture to help explain the size of Australia. It even surprises me when looking at this comparison.

The smoke haze is getting thicker with a dirty tinge to it. Will take my camera to soccer tonight and see if I can capture a picture of the sundown, I imagine it will be eerie tonight.


MelMel said...


Thank you for the link, I think Its easy to forget how big your country is,
I watched a few news reports and they said they thought that the fores hade been started on purpose, I can't imagine why ppl would do such an dreadful thing....
I'm so glad your safe, must be very sad for you to think of your fellow countrymen/women being harmed in this way, also the animals,
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, so lovely of you, I'd love to do something like that, maybe one day!xxxxx

Linda said...

The States I have visited, is my own, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and A.C.T.

What about you guys?

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Thank you so much for the clarification and the reassurance. Our continued prayers are being sent out for all those devastated by the fires, floods, and their damage. God bless.

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing this map overlay - it really explains the size of Australia. I know that it takes about three days to go on the train from east to west and that is hard to credit from an Irish perspective. We have travelled through Europe from Holland to Austria and then down to Spain, and back to Holland, it was long but we did it over 4 weeks with long layovers in Spain and France and Holland. In Africa we got used to long trips and distances. so I can empathise with you - We used to travel 3-4 days to get from one side of Tanzania to the other - 1500 kms. distance -a lot of bad roads.
I hope the fires are over and we heard an arsonist suspect was arrested. It has been awful to see the destruction. Thankfully you were safe. I would love to see Australia, have never been. I read Bill Bryson's book Australia which is a great travelogue for those who haven't been. It might grate with Aussies though!

Unknown said...

Thanks for bidding on my auction...Good Luck.could you please send me your email.

Shelley said...

I think some of us need to retake geography - me included! I heard on the news that they have one man in custody for lighting one of the fires...... how can he live with himself knowing how many people lost their homes and lives. Devastating.

Ruthie said...

Thanks for the map. I had no idea that Australia was so large.
Glad you're OK.


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