Friday, May 18, 2012

Soldier boy comes home

Told you all last week I'd have some very exciting news..........

Soldier Boy had a quick & unexpected return home from his overseas deployment, Dil had a few baby problems and the Army very compassionately made the decision for his deployment to be terminated.
 (as if any of us are complaining)

For a family that were all struggling with the fact that he wouldn't be here to see his first born arrive,
nor see her until she was a few months old we are absolutely thrilled to have him safe home to our own terra firma.

No one told the "little poppet" that S.B was coming back, only that we were going to the airport to welcome some other soldiers home. She couldn't believe her eyes when he walked through those airport doors. Neither could we AND we knew.

Greeting his little bubba,
 he never expected he would see his wifey (as he affectionately calls her)
still pregnant.

                                                           He said to me "she's huge MUM"
I could have slapped him around the ears, (jokes)  if I could have seen him through my tears.

Yep, definitely Bro's & definitely happy.

Mumma and Soldier Boy.

Unfortunately Darling daughter wasn't here to see his safe arrival home, this year has probably seen her not make the wises of life choices, but then sometimes being 18 (or any age) can be hard.
 As long as she realizes her family are all still here when she needs them and we all love her VERY much  :-)  ENOUGH SAID!!

and of course you can probably all guess what my next post is going to be about......
it's so exciting!!

Caroline xoxo
(A relieved MUM)


Joolz said...

Woohoo! You all must be so thrilled he's home and there for the birth!
Bless you all,


Lisha said...

How wonderful!! I'm so excited for you all. Just wondering if there was any birthday cake left for soldier boy?? I'm sure you'd make him another one so close to his birthday.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! i missed this post!!! So glad he will be able to see bubby born....and so wonderful for his wife to have him by her side...


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