Friday, May 11, 2012

Lemon Chicken Slow Cooked

and the slow cook deemed to be the essential part. I think this young rooster may have run around this place for a little to long before anybody got around to catching him-he was full of free ranging flavour though.

Into the slow cooker he went along with salt, pepper & bay leaves. A good dousing of white wine & then a glass for moi. Some leeks that I picked up really cheap out of  the throw out section at the supermarket (does nobody cook in my little town anymore) & lots of  homegrown lemon & limes that "The Man" bought home from one of his thoughtful clients. Squeezed some of the juice out of them, then threw the rest in skin 'n' all for a bit more lemony goodness.

Oh by the way !!! I was not to poison any of my little family by using the lemon skin as they were homegrown chemical free :-)

Have a lovely weekend
I'm REALLY going to....tell you why next week!!


SUGAR MOON said...

sounds yummy!!! I will have to try this one. Hubby loves anything lemony. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week end.

Donna said...

Uthooooo...I'll be reading next week!
LOVE Lemony chicken!
Happy weekend!!


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