Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Show Ball

It was our towns show ball here on Saturday night. It was a great night and all the Show Queens & Princesses all looked lovely, they had put so much effort in over the last few months.

 Ds partnered one of the show princesses, she of course looked beautiful & my son most handsome
if not just a little James Bond'ish don't you think?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, we had  friends visit and with 10 to lunch on Sunday it was lovely. 

Caroline xoxo


Joolz said...

Very James Bond! His partner looked gorgeous, what a gown! It's so nice to see young people dressed up with pride in themselves.

Sounds like you have been busy - how's that pink bundle doing?

Cheers - Joolz

Simcha said...

Dont they grow up fast,very handsome indeed.

Lisha said...

I am rather partial to seeing my boys dressed up in a suit too, and your dear son is a very handsome 007!

Tania said...

What a lovely couple. It is so much fun to get all dressed up and yes your son looks very handsome indeed!


Kimmie said...

Very suave indeed!


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