Sunday, June 3, 2012

Winter Sun

I love this time of year when the winter sun swings around swamping my dining room with it's warmth.
I sat here the other day enjoying my morning cuppa, and it was so wonderful compared to my cold dark office that I lugged all my bookwork upstairs and sat doing it all warm and cosy in my pj's, it was so good that I didn't mind doing it nearly half as much as usual.

Have you got a nice spot where you enjoy in winter??
Caroline xoxo


Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

I like to sit in our 'good room' a we call it, with our gas log fire lit, watching tv, reading or crafting, just staying warm. That's what I have been doing today.

To answer your question, the Tasting Room is on a property where the Wagyu cattle are bred. The owners wanted to be able to let people try the beef so they set up a full kitchen where you sit and watch the food being prepared then you eat it - thus The Tasting Room - usually only 12 people per sitting.

Cheers - Joolz

Tania said...

My favourite happy place is on my lounge chair in front of the fire :)


Donna said...

Under a warm blanket with a hot cuppa coffee and a good book, but it's hard to think about Winter for me right now since we've just come out of Winter and am enjoying the last of our Spring...It's already getting hot here...
Stay warm sweet friend!


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