Thursday, March 4, 2010


So we headed back to Roma again.....not for anything as fancy as the Roma Cup Races of my previous post.

But this time for Lacey's 21st Party, and a Redneck Party at that. I really think we could have filmed an episode of "My Name is Earl" at this party it had all the right ingredients and then some more. Everybody got into the spirit of things & dressed up....Mmmm maybe not, maybe they just dressed normally LOL!! Gotta wonder.

Check out the "Girls" They look a little different to my last post hey!! where we saw them all dressed in their finest.

Take a look at these boys, only us two mothers could love this pair,
and what would be a good Redneck Party without big chunks of meat cooked on the spit!!

Some really got into the action and turned up on these beauties.
(Oh & Kimmy which way does a bike helmet go on anyway??)

Well of course you need to go Jelly Wrestling if your a Redneck, & Stick horse Barrel Racing
and Apple Bobbing & what about the hilarious game with the toilet rolls (what ever that's called)

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY LACEY......Hope you had a real "Cheap" time LOL!!


Donna said...

LOLOL....How Fun!!!

Cassie said...

Happy 21st Birthday to Lacie! Quite a motley crew at the party I must say!! hehe. Looked like fun.


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