Friday, March 5, 2010


This is the wall of the Somerset Dam. They open the wall to let the water run through to Wivenhoe Dam that supplies Brisbane with it's water. You can read about it here in my flood post last year.

You can feel the mist of the water as it gets let out, even from quite a distance away where you view the wall you can still feel it. You would think it would be quite noisy to, but surprisingly it's not that loud.

This is a couple of hundred metres down stream. The water's looking like a pane of glass.

It has just not stopped raining here, which is kinda good I suppose as I live in a major catchment area. We have had more "rain days" this year then sunny days now. I had to drive into Brisbane today to get a Ute liner for Casey's new car. It was bliss to be able to see a blue sky & sunshine in the city, but when I started driving north towards home I could see the rain clouds. As soon as I drove to the top of our range the rain started pelting down again. I guess that's what you get living among the ranges.

Sorry the photos look so dark today....just blame it on the weather.


Donna said...

Photos are great! But that's just too much rain!! WoW!!

Caroline said...

Yeh I know Donna, that's Australia bloody drought or flooding...LOL!!
And just to top it all off everbody whinges when it's dry but then they whinge when it rains.

Cassie said...

We've been getting rain about every 6 days for the past few weeks. Very nice, cuz it keeps it cooler than normal. We go to a Spring training baseball game on Saturday,so I hope the rain holds off til afterwards! Have a good weekend.

Donna said...

Hahaaaa...I think we All do that!! You have a great weekend!!

Jackie said...

It feels like it's never going to stop. I remember when we first moved up to the range 14years ago my eldest who was 3 1/2 said oH mummy we are going to live in the clouds. Well it's certainly been that the last few weeks lol. At least the tanks are overflowing (it's times like this I wished I had a second tank), the gardens watered, I just wished I could get the clothes dried.


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