Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is the Stanley River flowing over the Main Rd. This closes the road, but, luckily the water recedes fairly quickly from this area.

No School or Work these days.

This photo came out kinda eerie as my black 4wd sorta blends in with the flood water. You have to really look to see what is car? & what is water?

This is our walking path I often take the dogs for their walk along. The white rails belong to the little bridge where I sometimes take the dog leashes off and they go for a swim & explore. The water is usually 4-5 metres under the bridge & the dogs run down a little track to get to the waters edge.

Not today though, as you can see the water is up over the bridge and t'was flowing fast towards the other side.



Hill upon Hill said...

Oh dear, so are you all OK? Is your house OK?

Caroline said...

Yes we are all okay thanks
a little water got in downstairs a bit of wet carpet that's all- much luckier than a lot of people.


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