Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know I haven't posted for a first I was just to busy soaking up the sun on our Summer Hols....then back to school came around all to quick...and you know how it is time just gets away.

This was a post on the Roma Cup Races I did way back in November & for what ever reason I can't remember??? didn't post it. Found it in my drafts folder tonight so thought I would still post it anyway.

BUT wait there's more....Just wait till my next post when I show you the other side of these nicely dressed decent people.

Anyway... it was a great weekend..... because of the company no doubt!!

"The Boys"

"The Girls"

Emerald, Carey & Faithe

Talk about hot weather I think I'll go to the beach next year!!

Are you coming C & C??


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Nice to see oyu back and 'so far' it looks like you had a good day. Can't wait to see the ohter side of the festivities lol
Did you wear the yellow shoes and handbag (from the previous post) and carry the black fan on that day? They look as tho' they would match your dress and are fancy enough for the occasion
Take care

Cassie said...

Welcome back to the blogisphere! Now that I've googled Roma Cup Races I know what you were talking about! Like the Queensland Kentucky Derby for Breast Cancer. Right? I've never attended such a fancy horse race, but it looked like loads of fun. Love the hats!!


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