Friday, March 12, 2010


We had to take a trip into Brisbane recently.
Oh and I hate peak hour traffic x 1000

Here are a few pic's I took while we were in there.
(or in other words a history lesson for above child)

It was all made slightly bearable for him though with a visit to one of our favourite places
The Pancake Manor.

The Pancake Manor has been running for about 30yrs. I remember my Uncle & Aunty taking me there when I was quite young.

The Pancake Manor is housed in the old St Lukes Cathedral which was built in 1904. You can read about it here.

Have a great weekend everybody
CAROLINE xoxo...


Cathy said...

I bet it's hard coming into the city when you live in the bush - I can't imagine what your feelings would be (apart from fearful lol) when you get in amongst all that traffic.
Your young lad looks quite comfy sitting on the front of that gun

Our Good Life said...

Looks like it was a fun visit to the city.Pancakes yummmmy.

Caroline said...

Hi Cathy It's not that I worry about driving in the city I have done plenty of that around Sydney & Brisbane in both cars & trucks. I just hate crawling along in peak hour & 20 sets of traffic lights - give me 100k road anytime. We usually have a good time once we're there though, which makes it worthwhile. Have a great weekend Cathy & Our good life - Thanks for commenting.

Lisha said...

I'm amazed the pancake manor is still around. I used to go there when we were kids, or meet there with friends in high school. I still remember that beautiful old building with all of it's little booths.

Glad to see you back in the blog world again Caroline.



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