Saturday, November 7, 2009


Oopsey has been very safely closeted up over at the SILVER SEWER'S in England while their postage strike has been on, but now that has lifted she will be heading back to her home down under & visiting Joolz's blog SIMPLY JOOLZ .

While we are on the subject of Oopsey I must thank MARGARET's RAMBLINGS for taking care of her while I was sick.

A big thank you to the DECADENT HOUSEWIFE who made some clothes for her to continue her round the world holiday & for the Howling good postcard she sent me. Thanks Decadent Housewife it was such a nice surprise to get a postcard all the way from Canada.

Pop on over to the Silver Sewers & you will be able to see where Oopsey has visited for the last while & don't forget to keep an eye on Joolz's blog to see what Oopsey gets up to next.

CAROLINE xoxo....


Decadent Housewife said...

Oh, Carolyn, you are welcome. We all had so much fun with her. So glad you have recovered. And good to hear the little bear will be traveling back to her home country.

Von said...

Welcome home Oopsey we've missed you, hope you had a good long haul flight.As Lenny Henry always says "It's far!"

bellaboo said...

Thankyou for joining the followers on my blog.I'm very excited to have a visitor from the otherside of the world!



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