Sunday, November 1, 2009


Emerald riding Quarter Horse Stallion "Hootchy Kootchy Bid"

What did you and your family get up to on the week-end???

Caroline xoxo...


Donna said...

Not a whole lot of Nothing!Lol...Love the horse! Happy Sunday to you!hughugs

Caroline said...

Donna, Sometimes a nothing weekend is the best type!! Wish I had more of them actually.

Von said...

Simple Sundays can extend to Simple Weekends if you're lucky.
Mine? Farmers' Market,visit from The Tomato Man to view goslings, it was a Yes.The usual,food prep,cooking,seeing to birds both ends of day,maintaining blogs,washing,reading paper,clearing out wardrobes as I like to have a big tidy up and finish off before New Year and living dangerously.You know how it is!

Gill - That British Woman said...

we were busy renovating as usual.......I love your header photo, just stunning.

Gill in Canada


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