Friday, November 6, 2009


Friday afternoon and we are all looking forward to the week-end here at our home. Not that we have anything planned it's just that this time of year things just start to get CRAZY, and if your brave enough to look at my cute little Christmas Tree widget in my sidebar it will boldly announce to you that it is only 49Dy's till Christmas.

Have you started your Christmas preparations yet?? I have just started, yesterday I wrapped some presents and went through my Present Pantry to see what I could gift out of there. I collect things all year for my Present Pantry, always good for last minute presents & parties. Usually I try to buy things on sale & put them away.

I am feeling a little tried and run down today but I think it's only a case of having a busy week with lots of late nights, anyway I hope that's all it is not me getting sick again. We have had some thing on every night this week- Presentation Night, Art Night, Drama Night, Army Cadets, Football and of course when your out every night you don't have a proper evening meal. I'm not a big daytime eater so I must have a good dinner, besides we miss having a good catch up around the table.

Did any of you Aussies have a bet on the Melbourne Cup?? I backed the winning horse "SHOCKING" but despite working in the racing industry for many years I am the last of the big spenders(not) when it comes to backing horses, but never the less $68 was a good little return for me.

I had 2 young foxes get into the chook pen. DS forgot to shut the door. I lost 3 hens & the rooster, another hen that they had started on before I went running down the back screaming(must have looked a sight in my pj's and work boots) is recovering with a bit of TLC. I have had to separate her as the other hens were picking at her wounds. Aren't chooks cruel even to their own. It's so true what they say. They really are cannibalistic.

During the week I moved my herbs into these tubs. With not much water it will be easier to look after them. I planted some new Parsley & Basil as the others had gone to seed and then moved my Mint, Comfrey, Aloe Vera, & Spice Plant. These ones will be easier to control now their in a tub as they tend to go wild and take over everything. Herbs are so dear to buy from the supermarket couldn't believe the prices when I had a look last week. It costs nothing to grow a few herbs, always fresh when you need them not wilted, limp & dying like the poor ones in the shop. How they ever have any flavour beats me if I had use them I'd rather use dried herbs.

Anyway I planted these out at the beginning of the week & gee they have grown so much already. I will have to take another photo to show you just how much!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

CAROLINE xoxo....


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Message for you on my blog re oopsy.

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Yes, I'd love to have Oopsy come for a visit - I think I could show her around our part of the woods.

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...

I have had one box from Chrisco, some more coming on Thursday from Hamper King. I also got a parcel with some Harvey Norman gift cards I organised. I was happy about those.

I needed a present pantry the last couple of times there was a party.

It seems like ages since the cup now. I know I saw some race wear in Myer before race day. We bought some clothes but they are for a high school graduation.

Caroline said...

Sounds like you will be all organized for Christmas early Linda

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh No Poor chooks!
I too have done the mad dash in the Pj's thing too!
Hope you feel back to your old self soon and as for Christmas I NEED to get organised.
Have mY daughter son and Hubbys Bdays too!


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