Thursday, November 19, 2009


Remember back on November 6th I said I had decided to move my herbs into tubs because of the water situation. (Photos here)

Well these are the photos of those seedlings only 1 week later. Boy do they love growing in these tubs, I think I will be growing them here all the time now.

Yeh I know I'm late posting them, but blogger wasn't being kind to me and wouldn't let me load the pictures. Even now it has loaded the photo above sideways despite my many attempts and some Choice! words directed towards blogger to right it.

Meaning no that frypan in the first picture really isn't defying gravity. Oh and in case you are actually even wondering what I do have a frypan in my garden for, it is filled with water for my Guinea Pigs that run loose throughout my garden.

The tubs I have them planted in are actually old concrete Wash(Laundry) Troughs that people were throwing out of an old house they were renovating. So in keeping with my recycling, frugal living philosophies they were of course destined to come live with me. A lick of old green paint some potting mix mixed with Organic Booster & Compost and there you go herbs near my back door.

Anyway today I am going to make some fresh Pesto with all that Basil I have growing (Yummy)

Caroline xoxo...


Jackie said...

I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts. You can manipulate your photo's it's very easy to use. It was free, and it just publishes it straight to your blog. The basil looks so healthy.I love fresh pesto too.

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

The herbs look so lush - I think Niki - Rural Writings has a recipe for her pesto in her Recipe side bar. She freezes it for later, too.
Hot up your way?

Cheers - Joolz

Donna said...

Love this idea! And we Love basil!!hughugs

Lee said...

Please tell me what is the secret to keeping basil alive? I've tried growing it indoors and outdoors, and it gets to about 4-5 months old, then keels over and dies.

If you can give me tips on what sort of position to put it in, how much to water it etc., that would be so useful. It's the only plant I have no luck with at all!


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