Friday, June 26, 2009


Well okay Cinderella I am not but pumpkins there are, AND lots of them.

I finally got a day at home that was dry enough to pick them!! What's even better than that is the fact that they got a frost on them last week, so this should ensure they have a good shelf life.

I haven't planted any Pumpkin, Luffa, or Gourd seeds in years. Every year they just seem to self sow themselves and there they are back again the next year. This spring I will be planting some pumpkin seeds though as I would like some different varieties.

Last night we had yummy Pumpkin Soup for dinner. The soup my family like best is when I make it with Coconut Cream and Red Curry Paste. We also had homemade Garlic Bread to accompany. I had made quite alot of Garlic Bread a few weeks ago and frozen it. Even better than our homemade Pumpkin Soup & Garlic Bread was my families company at the table and last night believe me they were in fine form. I think they are very very excited with the School Hols starting tomorrow and the fact that we may be in for a visit from Soldier Boy sometime next week. YIPPEEE!!!

Caroline xoxoxo


Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Yum, love pumpkin soup. A lady at our netball club makes a Thai soup which has coconut milk and curry in it, it's the best!

We have one more week of school to go. Kirby has her last exam today then will come home tonight (400kms). She's here for the entire month of July!

Exam week has been really hard on her (failure doesn't sit well with her) and I think she's just realised the big adult world she is living in now. A few teary moments and lots of frustration. So hard to deal with when we are 400kms apart. But, I can hug her tonight as I hope you can your 'soldier boy' next week.

Have a nice weekend,

Cheers - Joolz

Lisha said...

I just so happent to be making pumpkin soup tonight. I think I might look into your red curry and coconut milk version, a good combination.

I love your pumpkins, I can't seem to get them to grow here well. In another place we lived in there was a huge sunny back yard and they grew amazingly, they don't like our shady back yard here.

Glad you'll get to see Soldier Boy. Happy Holidays to you!! We still have two more weeks before ours start, I think we are all ready for them now though.

Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Pumpkin soup must be the flavour of the week - we had it for dinner tonight along with garlic bread
They don't seem to like my bckgarden either so its good I'm lucky to have a friend who grows then for the trade.
Be good for you and the family to see the young soldier boy. I know you really miss him
Take care

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Hi Caroline, we are just so excited about oopsy coming to stay, we have great plans for him. I love your pumpkins. When I first moved to the UK in 1995 I found to my disgust that they don't grow pumpkins for eating here, only for |Guy Fawkes so now I get my Mum to send me seeds for pumpkin, butternut and cup and silver beet from either New Zealand or Aussie (depends where she is living that particular month, she follows the weather, LOL). So now we have beautiful pumpkin and I am oh so slowly converting the natives over here. Enjoy your pumpkins, our won't be ready for a few months yet.


Yogihan said...

Oh my, your pumpkins are fantastic! I've always wanted to grow them, but haven't yet - I'll have to make a point of doing them next year!

Jackie said...

Caroline how wonderful for you if your son makes it home for a visit.
Your soup sounds wonderful, I made some yesterday and it's missing something still nice but not as nice as usual I must have been having a moment while I was making it.
Better go we have to go to the plaza today something which is not my favourite things to do and I usually try to avoid at all costs lol.

Donna said...

Wow!! I don't think I've ever seen this type!! Bet the soup was Good!!hughugs


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