Thursday, June 18, 2009


Honest Bread is very well- it's the Butter that makes the temptation.

-Douglas Jerrold.

Have pulled the breadmaker out again of late and am back to baking fresh bread everyday. MMmmm don't know why I ever stopped.......


Joolz said...

Do you bake it in the B/maker or in your oven? My bread maker bread always seems damp and stodgy. I haven't tried baking in my fan-forced oven.


Glad to have you back on-line!

Caroline said...

This loaf here I baked in the oven but if I don't have as much time I bake it in the breadmaker.
My breadmaker doesn't do that but I have heard a lot of people saying the same thing.
However I have played around with amounts a fair bit over the years eg-flour/water ratio & I now prefer to weigh on my digital scales than cup measure as it's more precise.

Jackie said...

I gave my breadmaker away a few years ago, I really regret it now as I would love to make my own bread again. I cant do it in my oven as my oven is awful and it's hard to bake anything in it.

Cassie said...

I used to bake bread every week 20 years ago. All from scratch and in the oven.
That was before we all gained 30 extra pounds!
Unfortunately we got a new Mennonite bakery up here and I hit it once a week and buy either a loaf of sourdough or wheatberry. Yum---hope I don't gain another bunch of poundage. I try to limit it to a piece a day.
Yours looks yummers too!

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh and wait till you discover fruit buns in the breadmaker. So easy.


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