Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What do you do when you forget to take your jumper on a trip to Brisbane in the winter time ??

And stand over one of the heating vents.... Mmmmm blows lovely warm air up your shirt. So I am told. Personally I didn't try it myself, I was wearing a dress and didn't want to do a Marilyn Monroe reenactment.

I wanted to go on the big sky wheel at South Bank Brisbane, but nobody would go on with me bunch of scardee cats. You can see Emerald standing in the foreground of the photo. I thought it would be good to see the city lights from up high and maybe take some good photos. The sky wheel stands about 60 metres high, weighs 350 tonnes and has about 46 fully enclosed climate controlled capsules that they call of all things "Gondola's". Apparently the views are fantastic as it is right next to the river.

Anyone been on it??


Joolz said...

I'm not sure of the dimensions of the Perth wheel but that Brizzy wheel sure looks big. Pity you didn't get to ride it, the view would have been fantastic.

Loving following Oopsy around.


Cassie said...

Hello Friend! I see by the date stamp that it's tomorrow in Australia! That's such a weird thought. Like time travel. I'd have gone on that giant ferris wheel with you. I don't do roller coasters cus of my back, but heights I have no problem with.:<)

Looks like a fun time.I'm gonna catch up on your blog now. Blessings! Cassie

Lisha said...

I think doing a Marilyn Monroe would have been a fun photo!! But I guess you'd need to check which underwear you had on first hey?

Shelley said...

That looks like a HUGE sky wheel - I would imagine the views are fantastic!!

Donna said...

Oh Goodness! I don't think I would have gone either!!Hahaa...hughugs

Caroline said...

Don't worry Joolz I WILL ride it yet!! Em loves all the scary rides at Dreamworld & Movieworld so I think she was just coping out.

Okay Cassie thats a deal when you come to Australia we will ride the sky wheel together.

LOL I really really don't think it would have been a fun photo Lisha maybe a FUNNY photo. Yep I think you would want the bloomers not the thong that day!! LOL

Thank you ladies for all your comments I LOVE getting comments.


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