Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What a lovely gift

To come home & find a big bag of fresh oranges from a sweet friend of mine.

Am hoping the oranges are as sweet as H****.
Aren't friends just delicious.


Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Gus and I have been enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice each morning (we have 5 between us). There is nothing better. I wish someone would gift some to us! We have also been eating home grown Granny Smith apples from my walking buddy, Kathy. I invested in one of those apple peeler/slicer/corer contraptions and the kids have gone 'bananas' for apples...if that makes sense! Trying to keep colds at bay (and the dreaded swine flu for that matter). Wish I was in Qld at this time of year,

Cheers - Joolz

Hill upon Hill said...

........and I was given a huge bag full of mandarines. I made juice.

Donna said...

Think of all the orangey things you can do with those!!hughugs

Unknown said...


Tania said...

Lucky you getting all those oranges. Ours aren't quite ready so I have to buy mine at $6.00/bag at the moment.

I have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to collect.



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