Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been Sorting, De cluttering, Simplifying and just basically starting my good old clean up.

Forget Spring Cleaning, Autumn is the season that works for me.

Spring is such a busy time.

Busy working (Time for all the babies (Foals) to be born, time to re bred all the mares for next springs arrivals, busy in the garden-getting ready to plant spring veggies before the days get to hot.

Spring for me is a time to shake free the confines of the indoor winter hibernation, the days lengthen and we enjoy many a long day at the beach followed by picnics & BBQ's that continue well into the night.

So that is why I Autumn clean.
Autumn is a time to prepare my house for winter. A time to wash all the Rugs, Quilts, Pillows & Cushions while there is still enough warmth in the air to line dry my washing. It is Essential for me to smell the sunlight in my fresh clean washing.(Heaven)

A time to Sort, Rotate & Replenish my stockpile.

A kinda primitive form of hunting & gathering I think.
Almost like a bear or akin to a squirrel gathering food to store for the winter.

Fun sorting through all our old Board games, Books & DVDs ready for family nights cuddled up warm together with an essential comfort food. Warm Creamy rice with a good dollop of fresh cream comes to mind.

So this is what I will be doing this weekend and over the following weeks to come. I am a little late to start this year. What with all the dramas that have come of late.
A ritual I usually start sometime after Anzac Day(25April) as usually this is when the weather starts to cool.

Alas life is a journey and preparing my house for the coming cooler months gives me much pleasure. A feeling that I am lucky to be able to provide a warm, secure loving home surrounded by our treasures & mementos that help shape who we are and what we like as a family. Oh and plenty of warm creamy rice too!!

Have a GREAT Weekend.


DeniseinVA said...

Great post and I enjoyed your photos, thank you for sharing them. Thank you also very much for visiting my Watery Wednesday post. You asked where my photo was taken. We were in Waikiki, Hawaii last Christmas and the waterfall was on the grounds of the Hawaiian Hilton Village Hotel.

Amy said...

Okay, I love your way of thinking! I am now going to STOP fretting over when to fit in my spring cleaning and become a person who autumn cleans.

In the spring, it is virtually impossible to keep up on the daily cleaning of debris that the boys constantly carry in on their persons, let alone fit in spring cleaning. ;-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this new perspective!

Jackie said...

I do the same thing I much prefer to "spring clean" in Autumn. I also started this weekend, we are so busy from September through to the second week of May this is my quieter time. Also I feel so much more energetic in the cooler weather. Have fun cleaning.

Hill upon Hill said...

I agree. I love Autumn. Spring gets so hot and yes, we just want to get outside.


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