Friday, May 8, 2009


Well Oopsy Bear has moved on yet again for another family to have the pleasure of her company this time she has turned up in Ohio.

You can read about Oopsey and the family she is visiting here.

From our little home here in Australia she has now travelled to Canada, California, Florida & now onto Ohio with us eagerly waiting on where she will end up next!!

Will it be your place??



Amy said...

It was nice "meeting" you, Caroline. We are having fun planning adventures with Oopsy this coming week. Some of the places we hope to visit are The Cincinnati Zoo, Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Exhibit, Sawyer Point (on the Ohio River...) And, maybe some others if we can think them up soon enough!

Cassie said...

Oh Oopsy didn't make it to us here in Arizona. Hope he has fun in Ohio! (With no children here he probably wouldn't have as good a time anyway.)
Hope you had a good Mother's Day Caroline.

Caroline said...

Hi Cassie Make sure you enter into the draw next time for Oopsy's visit. It is done by random draw so as they say-You got to be in it to win it!!
If I could find an award for the kindest blogger I would surely award it to you. Thank you for all your warm messages they have cheered me greatly at times.

Cassie said...

I entered the draw b4, but I've never been real lucky at games of chance!! Will try to keep up with where he is & enter when the time comes by again.Heading to N.Idaho this weekend. Won't be back in AZ until probably Jan.2010. Up there I have no land line at the cabin, so rough it by using the library Wi-Fi.
Thanks for your sweet comment, but I can be a real old brat sometimes. Guess you catch me on my good days. ;<)
I just noticed you changes your little cowboy logo. What is this? Huckleberries?

Decadent Housewife said...

Oopsy's back in Ontario, Canada - about as far south as you can get without falling into Lake Erie.

We're enjoying her company and are keeping her busy.

Trish at


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