Monday, March 23, 2009


Our Family loves going to thrift shops,garage sales & markets. We never know what treasures await us. We have been known to bring home some pretty weird & wonderful pre-loved items some we have regretted, some we have soon discarded to our garage sales & some we have loved,cherished & used for many years. We have also been known to bring home the odd animal or two. Hens,Roosters,G/pigs & even a horse.

When I was a young child probably about 5 or 6 my Mum bought home a giveaway, all white Kitten. I still remember him arriving as he was in the funniest cane basket that had a big lid. I remember lifting the lid and being very surprised there was a kitten in there. We named him Ben & Ben became a treasured childhood pet.

These are the things we found on our recent jaunt-

One Vintage & very Aussie pillowcase that my son utterly adores & doesn't
want to use any others now!! It had never been used someone recently told me they
were given away as a promotion thingy in the late 70's. Bargin at $1.

One Little enamel dish for 50cents.

Perfect dog dish for "Chloe Emma"

This cute little barrels 2 for a $1 that I have put toothpicks in.

They suit my Western Decor "Mighty Fine"

Do you go "Op Shopping"?? I would love to hear of your finds!!



Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Yes op-shopping is a favourite pastime with me - unfortunatley apart from a bag of knitting cotton a few weeks ago I haven't found much to write home about recently.
Take care

Lisha said...

We do really well from our 6 monthly roadside garbage collection. In the last year we have collected, for free, 3 solid wooden cupboards, one we will be taking up to Queensland for family, a huge, lovely framed Monet print, various baskets and a set of 10 off white bread and butter plates. Our neighbours throw out good stuff. I always manage to find something worthwhile at an op shop but haven't been to one for a little while....cause our neighbours keep throwing out good stuff.

flmom said...

I love shopping thrift stores, yard sales and rummage sales. Usually I just look for books since it's a wonderfully cheap way to build up our home and homeschooling library. I also look for things like board games, puzzles, containers for displaying my beachcombing treasures, and so on.

Teena said...

Oh I'm so bad, I love thrift shopping. I do the rounds of my favourites once per month. I have found some great stuff, bird houses (I'm a collector), books, board games, fabric for quilting, ugly corner chair & table (which was revamped), craft supplies, yard clothes for kids, winter coats for kids (they grow so fast), display cases, barometers (also a collectable), teapots (never have enough teapots, picture frames, oh the list is just endless!


Shelley said...

What wonderful finds! I especially like that enamel dish! I went to a flea market last month and picked up these 2 cute wooden duck decoys to display on my fireplace.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

What treasures!! I especially like the enamel pan you converted into a dog dish (very clever, I'd never have thought of it as a dog dish, but it's quite perfect for that job)! I also am charmed by the mini barrels!

P. S. Hi Cabbage Heart. I notice you posted here...I am locked out of your blog for some reason...just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten about you. :)

Cassie said...

Hi Caroline! Loved this post. The vegemite pillow case is so cool! We got bitten by the "saleing" bug out of necessity when Patrick & I got married.Half our house was furnished with goodies we picked up at estate sales. After that, we'd be looking for a specific item like a cedar chest and it would be our quest until we would find one for the right price! My favorite little china cabinet was $35.I sanded it and cleaned it up & it sits in our eatting area today.The little sofa is long gone, but we still use 2 end tables and what was once our bedroom suite is in our extra bedroom up at the cabin. A whole 1920's suite for $200! We'll probably sell it when we move into the cabin permanently...I might even make a profit off it! I also have collected some nice pieces of glass over the years.In the 1980's we started using clothe napkins because I bought a box full along with a dish I liked for $2.00. Of course, they all were screamin' deals.On our honeymoon Patrick & I stopped at a yard sale & got 2 little heart shaped dishes! I think it's a disease, but with benefits!! When I think of all the stuff we got for a deal,I have no problem paying full price for something now.Patrick said I deserve it...well, maybe I do wince a bit at full price.he he.


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