Thursday, March 19, 2009



Music essential part or accompaniment

I rather like our meanings better take Lisha's for example she had watched "The Waterboy" so thinks it is a part of your brain.

Denise has an Obligation to an Italian friend Mmmmm wonder what that is maybe some yummy Italian cooking.

daisymum I really hope you do not play an instrument or do you happen to be the conductor. daisymum thinks it might be when the conductor pokes you with his stick to get you to play at the right time well I suppose that he might be Obbligato to.

Cabbageheart you never fail to impress. Obbligato is a name of a cake not any cake mind you but a wobbly cake.

It seems Mari new the answer all along(lol) it wasn't cake or conductors,Law or brain stems at Mari's house it is the name of her new pet- her 3 legged alligator.

And if all else fails and you can't seem to work out what all the above mumble/jumble is take Donna advice and know that you are always Obbligato to Obbligo the law.

Getting back to the real world now. Joolz has done a fantastic post on "Why I live where I live" I can highly recommend popping over to her blog and reading this post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her little slice of heaven.


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