Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Linda over at Remote Treechanger has also done a post on "Why I live where I live" you can view it here.

The mountains around where she lives look beautiful. I have really enjoyed doing these posts and it is so nice to see other parts of the country from reading peoples posts that they have done.

If you would like to do a "Why I live where I live" post (so we can all enjoy & learn about other areas we may never see)please leave me a comment & I will link it to here.



flmom said...

I always enjoy Linda's pics - so beautiful!

I showed hubby the beach pics you posted the other day and he said it reminded him of Maui as well. He's been trying to remember everywhere he visited/saw in Australia. My oldest wants to start his geography studies off with Australia this coming school year. BTW - We were watching an animal program the other week and the echidna was featured. My oldest was so excited because that's one of the animal pics on the calendar you sent. :o)

Unknown said...

Caroline give me afe days and Iw ill do a post on this as well misssed it last week so only saw it now.


Caroline said...

Sounds good daisymum will be looking forward to it.

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

I've done a post about Why I live where I live - it's a bit of an epic but once I got started I thought I may as well do a good job! Makes me feel proud to be able to promote my area because we are really happy living here.

Cheers - Joolz


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