Monday, March 16, 2009


This a view I am lucky to see every day.

These are the Glasshouse Mountains. Surrounded by lovely national parks they are a great spot to go to of a weekend with many different bushwalks, camping & picnic areas. You can read more about them here. Click on the external link when you look at that page & it will show you some really awesome pictures.

Since doing my last post on "Where I live" others have shown an interest in doing a post on their area. Cathy from Cathy's Capers has already done hers so you can go visit her place here.

The area I did in my last post is about an hour from my place, I also live near the mountains with three large ranges within 5-10Min's from me. I will be showing you those at a latter date. I have decided to do a geographical area within about an hour in each direction. I think this will give readers especially international readers a fair idea of the place. If you would like to do a post on "Why I live where I live" please leave me a comment(Thanks Cathy) and I will link you to here. Unfortunately I think most of us (me included) really have to admit we usually live near where our jobs are. DARN I think saying that just spoilt everything.



BevB said...

Hi Caroline,
You have a lovely view :-)
We used to camp on a friend's block of land behind the Glasshouse Mountains. It's a beautiful area.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Iloved my visit to the Glasshouse mountains (my brother lived in Caloundra)
It was great stopping to buy Macadamias from Roadside stalls.
But I did adore nearby Montville...
How I would love to go back and visit there again.

Donna said...

What a Beautiful place to live!!!hughugs

Cassie said...

Nice. Very nice. You are right about the employment thing...Only reason we still have a place in Phoenix is because of the hubby's work.


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