Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year

Blessings of hope, health, laughter & happiness to you all this coming year.

I couldn't wait for 12oclock this morning to welcome in 2013, I was very happy to put the year 2012 away to bed. Hopefully not to be repeated anytime soon.

Without sounding TOO "dramatic" (cause I am so not a drama queen) it was one of the worse years of my life!!

for one blessing that was sent to us 2 days after my Soldier Boy son arrived home safely from Afghanistan (Whoops, that was a blessing too! ) & the day after Mothers Day.

On May 14th 2012 my first beautiful Granddaughter was born.

"Emmalyn Jane Rose"

Squeamish people please avert your eyes
-proud Daddy cutting the cord.

Proud Daddy, Soldier Boy & Emmalyn.

So what did all of you do for your New Year celebrations??
(quiet & peaceful, loud & disorderly.....tell me all the goss!)
We usually just have a quiet night but to make sure we REALLY did put 2012 to bed we lived it up over at "The Sunshine Coast" it was a lovely night.

 I suppose the moral of the story could be, even in a bad year there are always blessings.

Welcome 2013, I am excitedly looking  forward to getting to know you better.

Caroline xo


Gill - That British Woman said...

that little one was indeed a blessing. Like you I'm glad to put 2012 to bed and wake up to 2013.

All the best to you and your family,


Tania said...


Our new year was spent as always, doing nothing. Just another day really, to me anyway :) I spent the evening re-organising my son's room to fit in some new furniture. Exciting huh? I sat down at about 11:45pm with a glass of wine, and watched the Sydney fireworks, then off I went to bed!

That is one beautiful grand daughter you have!

Take care xx

Caroline said...

Thanx Gill, indeed she was.

Call me weird Tania but that sounds great to me, re-organising a room is my kind of do! Yeh strange I know but cleaning out a cupboard is awesome to.


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