Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favourite blog post for January

Thought I would do a little something different for 2013 & that is to mention my favourite blog & or post each month.

So without any further droning on from me,this is my without a doubt favourite blog post for the month of January. Check it out I am sure you will love Paige, her wonderful husband Dan & her four gorgeous gals as much as I do. Oh by the way she's an awesome photographer to!!


You can view her blog & watch my fav. post(video) here
Don't forget to leave her a comment & tell her I "SENT" you. 

Run don't walk my faithful Simple Things followers.

Her open straight from the heart video really spoke to me maybe because that's where my little ole mind is at this time or just that's she's a genuinely likeable soul. Oh and did I mention she's an awesome photographer :)

What is your favourite blog & or post this month?
Tell me cause it's kinda nice to share!

Caroline xo


Tania said...

Fantastic blog Caroline! Thank you for sharing :)


Jan said...

Lovely photo of a tranquil spot in your garden! Thanks for the visit, and I hadn't thought that we have so many birds in our garden because they have lost their habitat.. sobering thought. Been very wet, but we are safe and dry.
Love and Blessings.

paige said...

hi caroline!!
thank you so much for your kind words today. i can't tell you how encouraging your note is to me and how much it warmed my heart.
i especially love the image of your son. what a POWERFUL image that should be pondered in your heart forever, yes?
bless you my friend!!


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