Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Soldier Boy

Your faith warms this Mumma's heart

Afghanistan 2012


Allison said...

thanks soldier boy and bless you.
Allison x

Tania said...

God Bless your soldier boy and his mum.


Joolz said...

Stay safe SB and thank you for your service.

Cassie said...

So thankful for all the brave young men that protect our freedoms. God bless your son Caroline.

It's SO cool that you've been thinking of me lately. Just this past Friday I thought of YOU as I made some onion egg pie for lunch! Now, I am very excited that you are going to become an Aire-mom too. Please keep me posted on when he/she arrives and all the shenanigans. You are aware that terriers are wild & crazy...and so full of love! xx-c

Kimmie said...


Donna said...

What a sweet post! God Bless Soldier Boy!!!

christian soldier said...

May God's protective Angels surround your son and all of our BEST--
Seeing our BEST - always brings a tear to my eyes...

Caroline said...

Thank you ladies for your blessings & kind words.

Kimmie, I have been trying to comment on your blog for a few posts now but can't get through your word verification process. I hope you get this & know that I am thinking of you with the flooding that has yet again been sustained to your home. Stay safe my friend.

christian soldier said...

Caroling-my response -I so appreciate your encouraging words at my site--
christian soldier said...

After I finished drawing tha painting the castle and added my own background of the sea - I decided to "improve" it-so- semi-covered the original painting w/red- and then free drew the horse and rider-
Interesting-an Art Professor -friend asked me if I would like to use her projector -to enlarge my original sketch of the horse and rider-
I said-No thanks - I'll just hand draw it on the canvas with a paint brush--
She was surprised that I could do that--I must be better than I thought!

so - again- thank you for your encouragement in RE: to my art---


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